Krolevets region folk music • Mutyn village Women folk choir • Ukraine

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DVD "As I go along the meadow" is released. Women folk choir, village Mutyn...

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CD_3 "Over the green meadow" is released. Women folk choir, village Mutyn >>...

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Names of participants

The list of names will not say too much to the visitors of the sight. Still, feeling big respect towards these women, I post it.

    Mutyn village choir, participants. Krolevets r-n, Ukraine
  1. Zhuravel' Galyna
  2. Usachova Galyna
  3. Pryhod'ko Galyna
  4. Goroh Kateryna
  5. Gapych Lidiya
  6. Yegorova Valentyna
  7. Samoylenko Yefrosiniya
  8. Suhodubova Kateryna
  9. Demchenko Ol'ga
  10. Koshovets' Galyna
  11. Zavorotnya Polina
  12. Bondarenko Ol'ga
  13. Pryhod'ko Yevdokiya
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