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History of the choir

River Desna There is no exact date when this choir was created. It was lasting for hundreds of years.

Girls used to come with their mothers to choir gathering from the childhood. If they had voice and good listening skills they kept on for their life time.

So, no musical education. Just gift of Nature.

I aksed one woman, when she started singing. She told, she didn't remember any more. She sang during bolshevik period. She remembers the times of german ocupation - they didn't stop singing. And now, when Ukraine became independent and there must be all conditions for such a choir, these are its last days.

I wrote in the introduction why is it so. I didn't see young girls around during recording, during the following party. There's no interest in such type of social living amonst young people nowadays. They prefer bars with pop music, beats, which kill the rests of folk heritage in their souls.

Not to forget the poverty of the village by comparing to the town. Young people flee to the towns looking for jobs, better material life.

But, life for old women goes on and they keep on traditions which last for centuries.

Live on Mutyn village radio. Ukraine Every Frieday they gather in the local House of Culture for singing live on local radio, greeting folks from the village with birthdays, celebrations, etc. First comes some text and after they sing one of the folk songs number of which counts in hundreds. And the old radio transmitter - I wish you could see it by yourselves! - a big noisy box with huge lamps! Afterwards they have a party: food from home, a little bit of self-made vodka - just a sip for a good company, and lots of songs. Singing for themselfs. As this is bread and salt of their living.

They sing at the weddings. Old traditional songs. The whole procedure is spectacular! When you see it, you think to be at least two hundred years younger! Take some time to download and listen an example of those songs from "demos" menu. Songs nuber 3 and 5.

Church in Mutyn village, Krolevets r-n, Ukraine They sing in local orthodox church. The way it was sung for centuries in that village.

The choir has the oficial name from the state: The Peoples' Folk Ensemble of the Mutyn Village House of Culture. It means, that the state knows about it. And pays some money to the leader of the choir - Victor Zinchenko. He doesn't sing, but accompanies the choir on bayan as they sing not only deep historical songs, but also modern folk songs and russian ones, where bayan is useful.

Still, a capella singing is that, what makes this choir unique.

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