Krolevets region folk music • Grechkyne village folk choir "Oberigh" • Ukraine

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CD "As the cuckoo sang" is released. Folk choir "Oberigh", Grechkyne village >>...

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CD_3 "Over the green meadow" is released. Women folk choir, village Mutyn >>...

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CD - list of songs

CD_1 "As the cuckoo sang" (2008)

CD_1 "As the cuckoo sang" (2008)

Ukrainian folk songs performed a capella

  1. Divchynon'ko nezamujnya (*Unmarried girl, donít love a nobleman)
  2. (*Oh, as it was under the oak-tree)
  3. Po toy bik gora (*Mountainís on the other side)
  4. Kalyna y malyna (*Guelder rose and raspberry)
  5. Shcho y u poli na gorbochku (*In the field, on the hill)
  6. Chornomorets' (*Black Sea man)
  7. Ponad lugom zelenen'kym (*In the green meadow)
  8. (* Oh, there was a guelder rose in the meadow)
  9. Pry dolyni kushch kalyny (*Guelder rose in the meadow leaned to water)
  10. Ta kosyv bat'ko (*As father was haying)
  11. Zeleny barvinku, stelysya nyzen'ko (*Green periwinkle, grow low)
  12. Shcho po tim botsi stavok (*Thereís a pool on the other side)
  13. Vsopmni ty, milaya, vietvi tiernystyye (*Remember, dear, the thorny branches)
  14. Oy, u poli krynychen'ka (*Oh, thereís a well in the field)
  15. Oy, u poli dvi topoli (*Oh, there are two poplars in the field)
  16. Viye viter, viye buyny (*Wild wind blows)
  17. Zorvu ya vietku iz vinograda (*As I pick up a bunch of grapes)
  18. (*As it was in the field)
  19. Zakuvala, oy zozulen'ka (*As the cuckoo sang)
  20. Yikhaly kozaky is Donu dodomu (*Cossacks were coming back from Don-river)

Total time 77'21

Price excluding postage - 12€

Songs - 2, 8, 18 - are available for download as 96kbps mp3 files


Old barn. Village Grechkyne, Krolevets region, Ukraine

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