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Repertoire by Volodymyr Kurylenko

Original music for bayan by Russian and Ukrainian composers
Russian classical music
Transcriptions of classical music
Own compostitions
Music for Bayan (Accordion) by other composers

Original music for bayan by Russian and Ukrainian composers

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  1. V.Zolotaryov. Sonata II (1971)
  2. V.Zolotaryov. Ferapontov Monastery or Contemplation at the Frescos by Dionysiy
  3. V.Zolotaryov. "Chamber Suite" (1965)
    sheet music
    1. Evening Prelude
    2. Moonlight Spurting Outdoors...
    3. Snowfall at Night
    4. Mysterious Visions
    5. I'm Calling Instances of Gloomy Sorrow
    6. An Old Fairy-Tale
  4. V.Zolotaryov. Children Suite No.1 (1968)
    1. Minstrels at the Court
    2. Mashenka’s Sighs
    3. Jester Plays Harmonica
    4. Queer Thing from Düsseldorf
    5. Toy Soldiers’ March
  5. A.Timoshenko. Russian Pictures (1963)
    1. March
    2. Autumn Tale
    3. Jocular Waltz
    4. Lullaby
    5. Dance of Matryoshkas

  6. A.Timoshenko. Arrangement of Russian Folk Song "Pivna Yagoda" (*Juicy Berry)
  7. A.Timoshenko. Arrangement of Russian Folk Song "U Vorot, Vorot" (*At the Gates)
  8. Dikusarov. Prelude
  9. Dikusarov. Scherzo
  10. A.Repnikov. Capriccio (1960)
  11. A.Repnikov. Toccata
  12. A.Repnikov. Children Suite No2 "Souvenirs" sheet music
    1. Intro
    2. Rabbit the Drummer
    3. Harmonica Player
    4. Music Box
    5. Palekh-town Box
    6. Matryoshkas
    7. Finale
  13. M.Rizol. Ukrainian Folk Songs and Dances video sheet music 1 sheet music 2 sheet music 3
  14. V.Vlasov. Impromptu es-moll
  15. V.Vlasov. Steps video sheet music
  16. V.Vlasov. Bossa Nova a-moll video sheet music
  17. V.Vlasov. Improvisation video sheet music
  18. V.Vlasov. Bossa Nova C-dur sheet music
  19. V.Vlasov. Piece in the form of French Waltz sheet music
  20. V.Vlasov. I Like This Rhythm video 1  video 2 sheet music
  21. V.Vlasov. When Friends Are Leaving sheet music
  22. V.Vlasov. Basso Ostinato video sheet music
  23. V.Vlasov. Variations on Ukrainian Folk Song "Oy, za gayem, gaem" (*Beyond the Woods)
  24. V.Vlasov. Arrangement of "The Last Waltz" by Barry Mason sheet music
  25. Ya.Oleksiv. Elegy sheet music
  26. A.Biloshytsky. Two Improvisations in Jazz-Retro Style sheet music
    1. Elegiac Prelude
    2. Two Coryphaeus
  27. A.Na Yun Kin. Classical Scherzo sheet music
  28. A.Na Yun Kin. New Year Ouverture (Joke) sheet music
  29. V.Chernikov. Jazz Waltz mp3  video
  30. V.Chernikov. Waltz Impromptu video sheet music
  31. V.Chernikov. Falling Leaves. Improvisation on a Theme by J.Kosma sheet music
  32. V.Chernikov. Voronezh Cowboy sheet music
  33. V.Chernikov. "Hey, Ukhnem!" (*Song of the Volga Boatmen). Arrangement of a Russian Folk Song sheet music
  34. V.Chernikov. Improvisation on a Theme by B.Mokrousov "The Lonely Harmonika" video sheet music
  35. A.Novikov. French Ballad sheet music
  36. V.Bulavko. Concert piece on Ukrainian Folk Song "Handzya" (*Name of a girl) sheet music
  37. Ye.Derbenko. Padespan' sheet music
  38. Ye.Derbenko. Carmen-collage video sheet music
  39. Ye.Derbenko. Moscow Nights. Fantasia on the Theme of V.Solovyov-Sedoy’s Song video sheet music
  40. Ye.Derbenko. Sonata (in 3 movements) sheet music
  41. Ye.Derbenko. Falling Leaves video
  42. Ye.Derbenko. Fantasy on Songs by A.Averkin
  43. Ye.Derbenko. The songs of Hungarian gypsies sheet music
  44. Ye.Derbenko. Behind the Village (*Za okolitsey)
  45. Ye.Derbenko. Bryansk Tunes (*Bryanskiye perebory)
  46. Ye.Derbenko. Reminiscence of Paris sheet music
  47. Ye.Derbenko. Suite in Classical Style in seven movements sheet music
    1. Prelude
    2. Menuet (#1)
    3. Intermezzo
    4. Courante
    5. Menuet (#2)
    6. Pastorale
    7. Finale. Tarantella
  48. Ye.Derbenko. Children Suite "Musical Toys"
    1. Trumpet and Drum
    2. With Balalaika
    3. Gay Harmonica
    4. Musical Box
    5. Nevalyashka (*Tilting Doll)
  49. Ye.Derbenko. Suite "Russian Mosaic" video
    1. Spring Games
    2. Barrel Organ Waltz
    3. Funny March
    4. Chastushka (*Funny-Couplets)
    5. Folk Tune
  50. I.Panitsky. Variations on Russian Folk Song "Oy, da Ty, Kalinushka" (*Oh, you, Small Guelder-Rose) sheet music
  51. V.Podgorny. Fantasy on Ukrainian Folk Song "Poviy, Vitre, na Vkrayinu" (*Blow, the Wind to Ukraine) sheet music
  52. V.Podgorny. Improvisation and Toccata video
  53. V.Podgorny. Étude-Caprice video
  54. V.Podgorny. Étude e-moll video
  55. V.Podgorny. Transcription on a Song by G.Petersbourgskiy "Siniy Platochek" (*Blue Shawl) demo sheet music
  56. V.Podgorny. Arrangement of Ukrainian Folk Song "Oy, Chyy to Kin' Stoyit'" (*Whose Horse is That...) demo sheet music
  57. V.Podgorny. Transcription on a Theme by L.Dalla "Dedication to Caruso" sheet music
  58. V.Podgorny. Fantasy on a Theme by E.Curtis "Come back to Sorento" (Torna a Surriento) sheet music
  59. V.Zubytsky. Bulgarian Notebook video sheet music
    1. Cheerful Woodcutters
    2. Blue Mountains
    3. Clumsy Dance
    4. Legend on Gayduks (*Population in Carpatian mountains)
    5. Village musicians
    6. Charming Fir-Tree
    7. Floyara (*Ukrainian musical woodwind folk instrument)
    8. Feast in Mountains
  60. V.Belov. Arrangement of Russian Folk Song "Step da step krugom"(*Only Steppe Around...)
  61. G.Shenderyov. Seven Concert Etudes: N-8 es-moll; N-9 E-dur; N-10 e-moll; N-11 F-dur; N-12 f-moll; N-15 G-dur; N-16 g-moll sheet music
  62. G.Shenderyov. Russian Suite (1959) video
    1. Dumka (*Contemplation)
    2. Chastushka (*Funny-Couplets)
    3. Russian Dance
  63. G.Shenderyov. Uzory lugovyye (*Meadows Embroidery)
    1. Provojaniye (*Saying goodbye)
    2. U pryasla (*Spinning-wheel)
    3. Uzory lugovyye (*Meadows Embroidery)
    4. Waltz
    5. Quadrille
  64. V.Gridin. Sparkling Star Fall
  65. V.Gridin. Vessenniy Horovod (*Spring round-dance)
  66. V.Gridin. Ozornyye Naigryshy (*Vivid, brave performance)
  67. B.Myronchuk. Gipsy Waltz website  demo  sheet music
  68. B.Myronchuk. Remembrance Waltz website  sheet music  video
  69. B.Myronchuk. July Conversation website  sheet music  video  CD
  70. B.Myronchuk. With Love to Paris website & sheet music
  71. B.Myronchuk. Concert samba website & sheet music
  72. B.Myronchuk. Bossa Nova website & sheet music
  73. B.Myronchuk. III-d movement from Jazz-Rock Partita for bayan solo website & sheet music  CD
  74. V.Gubanov. When it is Raining... video sheet music
  75. A.Kokorin. In Paris Streets video sheet music
  76. A.Petrov. Waltz from the movie "Beware of the Car" video sheet music
  77. V.Semyonov. Dedication (Tango)
  78. V.Semyonov. Bulgarian Suite video 1 (trio)  video 2 (solo)
    1. Daichovo Horo
    2. Sevdana
    3. Gankino Horo
  79. T.Lundquist. Partita Piccola
  80. V.Lushnikov. Variations on a Theme by Paganini sheet music
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Russian classical music

  1. S.Rachmaninov. Barcarola Op.10, N3 (Transcription V.Kurylenko)
  2. P.Tchaikosvky. No.5 May, No.8 August, No.12 December from "The Seasons"

Transcriptions of classical music

  1. J.S.Bach. Prelude and Fuga a-moll for Organ BWV 543 sheet music
  2. J.S.Bach. Fantasia and Fuga a-moll for Organ BWV 561
  3. J.S.Bach. Chacona from Partita II for Violin Solo (Transription Busoni - F.Lips)
  4. J.S.Bach. Toccata e-moll for Clavier BWV 914 demo of Fuga
  5. J.S.Bach. Toccata from Partita VI e-moll for Clavier BWV 830
  6. J.S.Bach. Prelude and Fugue No.12 f-moll for Clavier, WTC, vol.II (BWV 881)
  7. E.Mehul. Sonata A-dur for Clavier sheet music
  8. A.Scarlatti. Sonatas: E-dur, F-dur, D-dur, d-moll, c-moll
  9. F.Shubert. Moment Musical Op. 94, N3
  10. F.Mendelssohn. Song without Words in Es-dur Op. 53, No.20

Own compositions

  1. V.Kurylenko. Femme qui passe sheet music  CD  video
  2. V.Kurylenko. When the night falls sheet music  CD  video 1  video 2  video 3
  3. V.Kurylenko. Sweet Loneliness sheet music  CD  video
  4. V.Kurylenko. Bossa for Astor sheet music  video

Music for Bayan (Accordion) by other composers

  1. F.Marocco. Autumn in Paris mp3  video
  2. F.Marocco. Waltzing with Toots mp3  video
  3. F.Marocco. Sumerville
  4. F.Marocco. Take ten
  5. A.Piazzolla. Fracanapa. Arrangement for accordion by Wolmer Beltrami
  6. A.Piazzolla. Jeanne Y Paul. Arrangement for accordion by Wolmer Beltrami
  7. A.Piazzolla. El Penultimo. Arrangement for accordion by Wolmer Beltrami
  8. A.Piazzolla. Meditango video
  9. A.Piazzolla. Sens Unique video
  10. A.Piazzolla. Chau Paris video
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