Sheet music for Bayan / Accordion / Accordeon published
in Ukraine and Russia


Yury Shamo. Selected Pieces for Piano.
(Possible to be played on a free bass Bayan or Accordion)

Language: Ukrainian
Number of pages: 63

Difficulty level: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

Bass: FREE

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Yury Shamo. Children Suite in memory of Sergei Prokofiev


Yury Shamo. Three parts from the Suite on H.Ch.Adersen's Fairy-Tails

The Ugly Duckling
Dance of the Princess from "The Princess and the Pea"
Fairy-Tale Goes on

Yury Shamo. Three Preludes

Prelude in d-moll
Prelude in f-moll
Prelude in cis-moll

Yury Shamo. Children Suite No. 2

Bossa Nova

Yury Shamo. Second part from the Carpatian suite

Yury Shamo. Carpatian Fantasy

Yury Shamo. Delusion

Yury Shamo. Aria from Sonata No. 5

Yury Shamo. Three parts from Sonata No. 12


Yury Shamo. Fugue from Sonata No. 5

Yury Shamo. Jazz-Etude (to the memory of Boris Lyudmer)

Yury Shamo. Jazz-Sonata (in the form of variations)

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The pieces in this music book are composed for Piano. This does not prevent from playing them on free bass Bayan or Accordion.
With little adaption you have wonderful music in your repertoire by modern Ukrainian composer Yury Shamo (1947—2015).

Sheet music with compositions by Yury Shamo for Bayan / Accordion / Accordeon / Akkordeon /
Fisarmonica / Harmonika / Harmonica / Trekkspill / Dragspel / Harmonikka / Bajan / Akordeon:

Yury Shamo.
Selected Pieces
for Piano
Yury Shamo.
Pieces for Bayan
Yury Shamo.
Sonata No. 3
Yury Shamo.
Concert Diptych

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