Sheet music for Accordion / Bayan / Accordeon published
in Ukraine and Other Countries


Easy Pieces for Accordion (Bayan) DUO. For a pupil with a teacher or with a pupil of later study years.
Compiled and editied by Petro Serotyuk

Language: Ukrainian
Number of pages: 45

Difficulty level: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced


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R.Bazhylin. Sunny Rain

R.Bazhylin. Rainbow

R.Bazhylin. On the Lawn

R.Bazhylin. Sunny Bunny

R.Bazhylin. Picking-up Mushrooms

A Little Cat. Russian folk song

"Poidu li Ya, vyidu li Ya". Russian folk song

Po Dorozi Zhuk. Ukrainian folk song

Ding, Ding. V.Kalinnikov

Mazurka. Polish folk song

Lathian Polka. A.Zhylinksky

Yanka. Belorussian folk song

"Vo Sadu li, v Ogorode". Russian folk song

Sontse Nyzenko. Ukrainian folk song

Vid Kyyeva do Luben. Ukrainian folk song

Santa Lucia. Italian folk song

Oy, Lopnuv Obrutch. Ukrainian folk song

Czech Polka. Arranged by P.Shashkin

Smuglyanka. A.Novikov

"Akh Vy Seni, Moi Seni". Russian folk song. Arranged by Ye.Derbenko

Musical Miniature. V.Dmitriyev

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Petro Serotyuk.
Play and Sing
Petro Serotyuk.
Bayan School.
First Meeting
Petro Serotyuk.
Virtuoso Alphabet
Petro Serotyuk.
Bayan study book.
Volume 1-5
Folk Dances
Bayan / Accordion.
Volume 1-2
Mykola Rizol.
Folk Songs
and Dances
in arrangement
Bayan / Accordion
for young
accordion learners.
Volume 1-8
Easy Pieces
for Bayan DUO
Bayan Player Album.
Volume 1-2
Young Bayan Players
Volume 1-3.
Pieces for Bayan /
Accordion DUO

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