Sheet music for Accordion / Bayan / Accordeon published
in Ukraine and Other Countries

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Music by Modern Composers for Free Bass Accordion (Bayan). Volume 3 - 1979
Compiled and edited by Pyotr Govorushko

Language: Russian
Number of pages: 67

Difficulty level: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

Bass: FREE

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Michel Merlet. Pictures to Fairy Tales by Marcel Aymé. Edited for accordion (bayan) by Pytr Govorushko

Wolfgang Jacobi. Rigaudon. For accordion (bayan)

Torbjörn Lundquist. Plasticity - Theme with Variations. For accordion (bayan) Video of this piece bellow on page

Vladimir Sapozhnikov. An Antique Engraving That Came to Life (Gallant Dance). For accordion (bayan)

I.Rogalev. Multi March. For accordion (bayan)

G.Belov. Remembrance Romance. For accordion (bayan)

Gennady Banshchikov. Sonata No. 1. For accordion (bayan) Video of this piece bellow on page

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Video demo: Torbjörn Lundquist. Plasticity. Theme with Variations. Performed by Leo Florin Muravyov, accordion (bayan)

Video demo: G.Banshchikov. Sonata No. 1 (part III). Performed by Dmitry Nesterenko, accordion

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