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Oleg Gamayunov. "Bayan-Eccentric". Compositions for accordion

Language: English-Russian
Number of pages: 36

Difficulty level: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced


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O.Gamayunov. The Pink Pony Video of this piece bellow on page
O.Gamayunov. Chewing Gum
O.Gamayunov. To Grandmother for Fairy Tales
O.Gamayunov. The Barbie Doll
O.Gamayunov. Little Intermezzo
O.Gamayunov. Exercise

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Video demo: O.Gamayunov. The Pink Pony.
Performed by Faustas Labanauskas, accordion

Oleg Gamayunov

Oleg Gamayunov works as an accordion teacher in Lyceum of arts No.3 city of Tula.

His creative biography began in the Tula musical college by name A. S. Dargomyzhsky, where the etudes, written by Oleg, and arrangements of national melodies for the first time have sounded.

During studying at the Moscow State University of Culture the new original pieces for bayan, compositions for ensembles of national instruments have appeared. On show of degree job on orchestra conducting the piece "Musical break" has sounded written for an orchestra of Russian national instruments which until now is in repertoire of the university orchestra.

The most interesting and fascinating page of the creative biography of Oleg Gamayunov is connected to children.

Simultaneously with getting of experience at musical schools, with passing of all stages of education of the young musicians from first steps up to the winners of children's international competitions, at the composer a musical material for each link of studying gradually collected. There are cycles of etudes for younger and senior classes of children's musical schools, ensembles for learning elementary schools, concert pieces for children "Bayan-eccentric", pieces for the students of musical colleges "Bayan-tradition". The songs for children's chorus, Hymn of Lyceum of arts and Hymn of Proletarian area (one of areas of city of Tula) are written also.

Now compositions written by Oleg Gamayunov sound in performances of the orchestra of Russian national musical instruments of the Tula regional philharmonic society "Tula", municipal orchestra "Clear Glade", children's accordion orchestra "Harmony". His pieces known not only in Russia, but also in Czechia, in Germany, in Croatia.

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