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Valery Khodukin. "Count to Three". Arrangements of Popular Compositions in Musette Style for Accordion Duet

Language: English-Russian
Number of pages: 62

Difficulty level: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced


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Andre Verchuren. STYLE MUSETTE
Marceau (Marceau Verschueren). ÇА GAZE
Albert Huard. EN COUP DE VENT
Maurice Alexander. JAVA DU PRINTEMPS
Hubert Giraud. JAVA-PAVANE
Peppino Principe. IN WALTZ ROUND
Emile Carrara. VALSE A DEDDY
Yevgeny Vystavkin. LOVELY WINTER

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Valery Khodukin

Valery Khodukin is teacher of Daugavpils (Latvia) music college. His pedagogical activity began in 1964, he brought up many talented musicians - laureates of Republican and International competitions. For 40 years Valery Khodukin is the artistic leader and conductor of Daugavpils accordion orchestra.

His pedagogical and concert activity combined with preparation and development of methodical works, abstracts.

The Methodical centre of educational institutions a Ministry of culture of Latvia is published his collections: "Compositions of lettish composers in arrangements for accordion", "Marks and producing of sound on accordion", "Compositions for ensembles of accordionists".

Along with his colleagues - concertmasters of accordion orchestra (Andrey Zelch, Nikolay Lebedev, Valentin Margevich) Valery Khodukin created the instrumental ensemble "Gamma", in base of creative activity which is popular variety and jazz music; for many years, group co-operated with the known jazz singer, laureate of International competition Olga Pirags.

In 1996 on the initiative of Valery Khodukin from students of Daugavpils music school was formed duet of accordionists Kristina Rusakovich and Alexey Masliakov. In 1997 to duo was joined Dmitry Mtkhailov, bass-accordion player. The Trio has won several prestigious awards on international contests and festivals, became the bright creative unit, remarkable fact in culture of Latvian republic. For this trio Valery Khodukin created variety of interesting arrangements, some of them are published in this book.

Valery Khodukin is a main initiator, inspirator and permanent participant of six International festivals of accordion music in Daugavpils.

"All genres are good, except a boring"

The main criterion for publishing of this collection has served the wish to enrich and vary the repertoire panorama for performers.

When use the given collection, as illustrative material in scholastic purposes, turn emphases on the following aspects: culture of sound producing, dynamics, accuracy of nuances, variety of details and bellows technique.

The timbre colouration (using of timbre switches) shall be realized by performers or their teachers depending on possibilities of instrument.

Valery Khodukin

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