Sheet music for Accordion / Bayan / Accordeon published
in Ukraine and Other Countries

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Boris Samoylenko. Musical Pictures. Selected Suites for Accordion (Bayan).
Pedagogical Repertoire for Children Music Schools

Language: Russian.
Number of pages: 43

Difficulty level: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced


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B.Samoylenko. Musical Pictures. Suite for Accordion (Bayan)
1. Seasaw
2. Playing with the Ball
3. Ride on a Byke
4. Let's March
5. Jumping
6. Polka
7. Skipping Rope
8. Sunny Morning
9. Nocturne
10. Electric Train
11. Small Bicycle Rider
12. Hedgehog
13. Mother's Waltz
14. Police is Coming

B.Samoylenko. Humpbacked Horse. Suite for Accordion (Bayan)
1. Ivan the Good Fellow
2. Firebird
3. Humpbacked Horse

B.Samoylenko. Once in May. Suite for Accordion (Bayan)
1. Swan
2. Crawfish
3. Pike

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