Sheet music for Accordion / Bayan / Accordeon published
in Ukraine and Russia


Duet Cadence is playing
(Duo Accordion and Violin)

Language: Ukrainian-English
Number of pages: 35

Difficulty level: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

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Ivan Yergiev. Promenade Around Paris

Lyudmyla Samodayeva. Children's Suite for Accordion and Violin

Childhood Video of this piece bellow on page
Mummy and Dad Video of this piece bellow on page
Gypsy Dance Video of this piece bellow on page

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Video demo: L.Samodayeva. Three pieces from Children's Suite for accordion and violin:
"Childhood", "Mommy and Dad", "Gipsy Dance"
. Performed by Iryna Serotyuk, accordion and Andry Murza, violin

Self-portrait of Lyudmyla Samodayeva

It happened that two times, in 1976 and 1985, I have graduated from the State Music Academy in the city of Odessa, Ukraine. The first time I followed the piano classes and the second time I followed composition classes, conducted by Professors and an Honored Artists of Ukraine L.N. Ginzburg and O.O. Krasotov accordingly.

Among the twenty century composers I am fond of I. Stravinski, V. Bartok, V. Lutoslawski, O. Messian, Ja. Ksenakis, L. Berio, R. Shchedrin, S. Gubaydullina and many others.

I started to deal with accordion music quite accidentally. In 1991 in Moscow I had a chance to be present during a rehearsal of Helicon, a Chamber Opera Theater. The staff of this young theater successfully competed with the famous Pokrovski Chamber Opera Theater. The Helicon staff rehearsed at that time operas Maddalena and Prodigal Son by S. Prokofiev and K. Debussy accordingly. Dmitriy Bertman, the contemporary theater art director, told me that in their small chamber orchestra, accordion substitutes all wind wooden instruments except of a flute. Also, he told me that the theater is strongly criticized for this by many critics, but in order to disclose this substitution they previously need to have a look into the orchestral pit.

I liked indeed this combination of accordion with string instruments. I felt that I ought to compose some special music pieces to be played accordion. Probably, this intention would remain unfulfilled till now, but fortunately, in 1993 I have made an acquaintance with Ivan Yergiyev, an Honored Artist of Ukraine. Being a high-class accordion player and a true lover of it, Ivan Yergiyev has introduced me into the world of accordion playing and demonstrated me all unique peculiarities and possibilities of this instrument. Since that our cooperation has begun. As of today, it resulted in the numerous chamber pieces for accordion, written by me.

Accordion is my favorite music instrument along with a violin, cello, clarinet, saxophone and a flute. Its capacity to realize different music ideas is really boundless. I am sure that in future many composers will compose their pieces especially for accordion due to its peculiarities and possibilities. Accordion can easily manage different modern music trends and tendencies. I think that every accordionist can play a modern music as Ivan Yergiyev does. I like his performances very much.

Lyudmyla Yevhenivna Samodayeva was born in 1951 in Ussuriysk, Russia. In 1970 she has graduated from a School of Arts in Volgograd, Russia. In 1976 and in 1985 she has graduated from the Music Academy in Odessa, Ukraine, the classes on piano playing and on composition accordingly. Since 1989 she is a member of the Composers' Association of Ukraine. In 1998 she has won the first prize from the Theatrical Association of Ukraine, and in 2003 she has won the first prize from the Composers' Association of Ukraine and the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine. In 1993 she has been awarded the first prize from newspapers Evening Odessa and Businessmen. The author's concerts of Lyudmyla Yevhenivna Samodayeva were held in Warsaw, Paris, Kiev, Odessa and Kuopio (Finland).

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